2023 Induction & Awards Ceremony

July 20, 2023, 6 P.M.

The Fillmore Detroit

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2023 Automotive Hall of Fame Awardees
Additional awardees will be announced in spring 2023.

Mary Barra
Mary Barra became the first woman CEO in the automotive industry in 2014. Barra navigated GM through the ignition switch recall, established gender equity and equal pay, and is viewed as one of today’s most inspirational leaders. As Chairman and CEO of General Motors, Barra envisions a world with zero crashes, to save lives; zero emissions, so future generations can inherit a healthier planet; and zero congestion, so customers get back a precious commodity – time.


Takeo Fujisawa
There would be no Honda Motor Company without Takeo Fujisawa. He matched founder, Soichiro Honda’s acumen, with marketing savvy, business sense and a keen ability to see paths to growth. As Soichiro Honda pushed engine innovation, Fujisawa focused on the operational imperatives of running an enterprise.


Fred T. Bauer
Fred T. Bauer is a successful serial entrepreneur who has built two companies, both advancing automotive components.  The first company he founded was Simicon Co., which made electronic controls for heating and air conditioning products. Later, Bauer launched Gentex.  One of Gentex’s most important innovations was the world's first electrochromic auto-dimming rearview mirror.  In 2022, Gentex global revenue exceeded $1.8 billion. 


McKinley W. Thompson Jr.
In 1956, McKinley W. Thompson Jr. made history by becoming the first African American industrial designer – landing a job at Ford’s legendary Advanced Design Studio. Thompson went on to a 28-year career at Ford Motor Company and was pivotal in shaping some of the company’s most iconic brands – including the Thunderbird, Mustang and Bronco. His acumen and design aesthetic left an indelible mark on the automotive world.


Juan Manuel Fangio
Juan Manuel Fangio is the greatest driver in the history of motorsports. During the 1940s and 50s, he overcame the barriers of age, geography, and the highest mortality rate ever in racing. Fangio’s mastery of the Nürburgring racecourse - considered the most challenging course in the world - earned him the nickname El Maestro. He created the Juan Manuel Fangio Foundation to support his charitable work and spent the final years of his life as a proponent for the rights of senior drivers.


Larry R. Wood
Larry Wood is widely known as Mr. Hot Wheels. Starting at Mattel in 1969, one year after the line of diecast cars was launched. He went on to a 40-year career designing some of the most well-known and unique Hot Wheels cars. Hot Wheels completely upset the small diecast car model industry and forced competitors to completely rethink their concepts. Wood’s designs inspired generations of automotive enthusiasts.


2023 Celebrated Alumni

Each year the Automotive Hall of Fame invites Alumni Awardees celebrating milestone anniversaries - or family representatives, along with associated corporate representatives, to attend the induction ceremony and help welcome the next class of honorees. Thus, the Hall introduces each incoming class of awardees to the historic legacy upon which they stand.

Harold T. Ames           
Bo Andersson          
James K. Ashford            
Dan Askey          
L. Scott Bailey            
Robert Bamford           
Henry Banks           
Harry F. Barr                      
Bob Boniface           
Virgil E. Boyd           
Marion Luna Brem           
David E. Castles           
Susan Cischke           
Andre Citroen           
David E. Cole            
Richard Colliver            
Archie T. Colwell
Josephine S. Cooper            
Dale Craig         
Frederick C. Crawford        
Clessie L. Cummins           
Gottlieb Daimler           
Charles A. Dana            
John R. Davis           
Joseph C. Day    
Neil De Koker          
Ralph De Palma            
Rudolf Diesel            
Arthur O. Dietz            
Lisa Drake            
William C. Durant           
Charles E. Duryea            
Joseph O. Eaton            
Lapo Elkann           
Arthur Epstein            
Gene N. Fondren           
Benson Ford
Edsel B. Ford        

Henry Ford II
Zollie S. Frank
Martin Fromm
Frank S. Galpin
Paul Galvin
Robert W. Galvin
Ron Gettelfinger
Ralph V. Gilles
Mark Goodman
Andy Granatelli
Youngping Gu
Trang Hamm
William E. Hancook, Jr. 
Zenon C.R. Hansen
Mathew Hargett
R.A. Harp
John F. Heflin
Frederick A. Henderson
Mark Henschen
David W. Hermance
Phil Hill
Maximilian E. Hoffman
Steward C. Holman
Anton Hulman, Jr. 
Robert W. Irvin
Alec Issigonis
Mike Jackson
Henry B. Joy
Yutaka Katayama
George W. Kennedy
Steven Kiefer
Beverly R. Kimes
William S. Knudsen
H.O. Koller
John W. Koons
Elliott Lehman
Henry M. Leland
William J. Lovejoy

J. Edward Lundy
Robert A. Lutz
Alvin Macauley
Thomas H. MacDonald
Gordon B. MacKenzie
Tom Magliozzi
Ray Magliozzi
George A. Martin
Lionel Martin
Walter M. May
C. J. McCormick
Robert M. McElwaine
James McElya
Martin McInerney
Robert S. McLaughlin
William E. Metzger
Michael F. Milad
Harry A. Miller
William L. Mitchell
Hubert C. Moog
James C. Moore
Southwood J. "Woody" Morcott
Eva I. Mosley
Charles S. Mott
Ralph K. Mulford
David F. Mungenast Sr.
Lynn C. Myers
John B. Naughton, Sr.
John W. Nerlinger
David Nowicke
Barney Oldfield
Lee Oldfield
Ransom E. Olds
Carl Opel
Friedrich Opel
Heinrich Opel
Ludwig Opel
Wilhelm Opel

J. Stuart Perkins
Charles M. Pigott
Leon J. Pinkson
Marion T. Powers
Edwin C. Quinn
Louis Renault
Edward V. Rickenbacker
Roy S. Roberts
Mort Schwartz
Ray W. Sherman
Robert L. Sirotek
Arthur O. Smith
Lloyd R. Smith
Emil G. Stanley
Sir John Y. "Jackie" Stewart
Frank Stronach
Harry C. Stutz
Ralph R. Teetor
John J. "Jack" Telnack
Jack TerHar Jr.
George Thanopoulos
Kiichiro Toyoda
Joseph Tracey
Francis C. Turner
Eli C. Wareheim
Ken Way
Ronald H. Weiner
Elizabeth Wetzel
John Wetzel
Sam H. White
Birkett L. Williams
John N. Willys
M.H. Yager
W. Athell Yon
Hiroyuki Yoshino
Fred M. Zeder
Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin



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